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Eco Efforts



* Use of local grown flowers whenever possible.

* Support of Organic and Fair Trade certified growers whenever possible.

* Daily composting of our flower, foliage, cardboard, and paper waste.

* Before recycling packaging, plastics and boxes, we try to reuse anything and everything, in our business, as well as our home.

* Whenever possible, we purchase our hard-good products from local, US- made vendors, and try to source items made from recycled, reclaimed or post-consumer products.

* Use of our vases for rental, or use of your own vases are welcome.

* When arranging flowers, we try to avoid using floral foam – as it’s not biodegradable and contains formaldehyde – which can cause health issues over time.  Instead, use fresh clean water and sustainable floral mechanics like entwined branches or rocks to hold up the stems.

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