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Our Story

What We Do:

Stems is a fresh flower design studio. All of our designs are custom made to infuse your day with something fresh and fun.
Providing daily deliveries, weekly flowers for business and private clients, weddings and events. We shop the fresh flower markets daily to hand select the freshest, most vibrant and unique flowers available of the day. From our Colorado growers, California, Oregon, South America and Hawaii.

Where It Happens:

Stems in located in 'The Chalet' on Meadow drive, a quaint A-frame built in the late sixties. Being mindful of the environment, we've created a warm and inviting space using reclaimed wood and repurposed furniture that serves as our work area, making the perfect space for inspiration to bloom.

How Stems Grew:

First Generation: I signed up for a high school horticulture class simply for the reason that there were cute boys taking that class. I ended up loving the smell of wet soil and growing plants. I continued my education into college and by working along side many talented floral artists. I am known for my abundant and artful fresh floral and plant designs that are a mix of colors, textures and other elements of nature. This has been my pleasure and I've been extremely grateful to be able to do what I loved for the last 21 years. As of May 2023 I am retiring and passing Stems to Amy Warneke.  

Second Generation: Similar to Dore, I signed up for a horticulture class in high school because of older friends and the awesome teacher. I ended up loving it! Throughout the next 15 years I have learned from artists and designers, created for friends and family and finally decided to start my own business several years ago. Now I have had the amazing opportunity to establish a relationship with Dore and learn from her, and now taking over Stems to continue her legacy! My style is very similar, organic, abundant, and focused on using the freshest florals available. I look forward to living out what she said as "feeling extremely grateful that I can make my living enjoying my work." ~Amy

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