Blooming Plant
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Blooming Plant

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Hand potted blooming plants that we refer to as "potted bouquets". Most bloomers will flower for at least a month and some much longer. Perfect long lasting gift of flowers. Blooming plants are seasonal, let us choose the best from the selection of the day. Here are some of the bloomers available seasonally for $40 - $50.
Peace Lily
Calla Lily
Spring Cactus
Christmas Cactus

$50 and up
Peace Lily
Combination of Blooming in a planter

Care Levels:
Novice is perfect for someone who is just beginning to enjoy plants in their home. Easy care and rewarding without devoting to much time.
Caregiver is for the plant lover who enjoys caring for plants and the challenge of tending to their needs and reap their benefits.

Pot Style
We will choose from our always changing selection of pots and containers. Our plants are always presented with a finish touch of moss, willow, rocks.

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