Corsage & Boutonniere
Classic Style

Corsage & Boutonniere

Pricing: $45.00

Style* Required Choice (Descriptions below)
Natural & Organic
Dress Color* Required Choice
Focal Flower (Optional choice)
Ribbon Color (Optional choice)
Flower color (Optional choice)
Accent Option (Optional choice)
Glitz: Bling, gems, colored wire
Organic: Pods, herbs, twigs, berry, texture
**Please indicate your choices for Style, Dress Color, and Focal Flower before clicking Add to Cart.
(You can choose "No Preference" for Focal Flower.)

Classic: Traditional style with a small focal flowers such as orchids, baby roses, ranunculus, freesia, accented with filler flowers and foliages.
Natural and Organic: Design of natural elements~ succulents, small berries, pods, herbs, grass, twigs, small filler flowers.

We will design a mixture of blooms that will enhance your outfits. Tell us the style, dress/tux color, ribbon color, focal flower, and accent option.

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